Background and History

Founded in 1984, Styrotech began operations with the design and manufacture of nationally and internationally renowned windsurfing boards. Building and maintaining an edge in this competitive market encouraged Styrotech to adopt CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, primarily for its accuracy, quality and consistent repetitiveness. By using CAD, Styrotech became nationwide pioneers of the technology which is now the industry standard.

After adopting CAD technology, the next step would be the purchase of a CNC Router and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) software. Thus, Styrotech CNC was born, starting operations in 1994 - the combination of CAD and CAM resulting in Styrotech CNC becoming the first NZ organisation to offer end to end 3D design, shaping and machining services. Demand for CNC technology was strong, and production diversified from windsurf boards to include windsurf fins, moulds and patterns for boat building, and supply to a wide range of customers including Americas Cup Syndicates, the marine, aviation and automotive industries, foundries, and a wide range of designers and manufacturers.

Styrotech - Our Heritage

To learn more about how Styrotech CNC evolved from Styrotech, the windsurfing brand, click here.

Styrotech CNC Today

As the industry evolves, Styrotech CNC’s services and industry connections expand at the same pace. With instant access to 3D scanning and imaging, 3D Printing and other specialist CNC organisations, Styrotech CNC continues to offer the same commitment, skill and expertise needed to undertake and complete to the highest standard any machining project.

We employed the services of Styrotech CNC Ltd for an incredibly intricate multi-million dollar residential project that required the applications of CNC machining and cutting in July 2009 and still continue to do so.


Tim Smith - Coastbuild

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