Styrotech CNC Services

Styrotech CNC offer a range of machining services, as described here. For more information on any service we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Architectural

    The possibilities created by the use of CNC technology in the design and construction of architecturally designed buildings are only starting to be discovered and realised.

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  • Foil Moulds and Cores

    With a long history in the sailing and windsurfing industries, Styrotech CNC has a well respected name for the design and machining of rudder and centerboard moulds and cores.

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  • High Quality Polystyrene and Foam Machining

    As well as MDF (medium density fibreboard), UDF (uniform density fibreboard), plastics or plywood, Styrotech CNC has the experience, machinery and tools needed to complete any machining job using polystyrene, PVC, EVA or urethane foam.

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  • Board Blanks and Cores

    With an extensive background in windsurfing board design, and more recent exposure to designing and CNC machining kiteboards, surfboards and standup paddleboards, Styrotech CNC have vast amounts of experience using CAD/CAM to design, shape and efficiently machine a wide range of board shapes.

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  • Unsurfaced-moulds

    Styrotech CNC specialises in the manufacture of moulds to the un-surfaced stage*.
    Using a variety of materials including polystyrene, PVC, EVA or urethane foams, or wood including MDF or UDF, or plastics, Styrotech CNC has the expertise to design moulds (if required) for vacuum forming and marine, machine a range of moulds of varying sizes (ranging from a bar of soap to the mast for a super yacht) to the un-surfaced stage.

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  • Foundry, Sand Casting and Vacum Forming Patterns.

    Foundry patterns for sand casting, cavity and core boxes may be produced from a variety of materials including Ebalta (CibaTool), UDF, MDF and Polystyrene.

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  • 2D and 3D Sheet Cutting

    Styrotech CNC has over 19 years experience in precision sheet and profile cutting of MDF, UDF, Plywood and Plastic sheets.

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  • Multi-axis Prototyping and Cutting

    With 5 Axis machining capacity, Styrotech CNC are experienced tooling providers for the marine, foundry, automotive and aerospace industries. A common service provided by Styrotech CNC is prototyping for form studies of new product designs. Typical materials include polystyrene, urethane, MDF and Tooling boards with a strong history in CNC machining for composite tooling.

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  • Sign Writing

    Using a range of different techniques and materials, including wood and plastic, Styrotech CNC has the ability to create a selection of different letters, logos and signs.

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  • Sculptures, Art and Models

    Styrotech CNC are able to prepare CAD files of, and cut components for model makers such as small scale ships, 3D topographic models as well as custom "one-off" models for use as art, prototyping or academic project work.

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We employed the services of Styrotech CNC Ltd for an incredibly intricate multi-million dollar residential project that required the applications of CNC machining and cutting in July 2009 and still continue to do so.


Tim Smith - Coastbuild

All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars and inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.