Foundry, Sand Casting and Vacum Forming Patterns.

Foundry patterns for sand casting, cavity and core boxes can be produced from a variety of materials including Ebalta (CibaTool), UDF, MDF and Polystyrene. Styrotech CNC has extensive experience in the manufacture of all of the typical applications of this technology, which include the machining of casting patterns for engine components, keel bulb plugs, where in both cases an allowance for shrinkage is critical as well as producing moulds for plastic vacum forming of objects ranging from signs of all shapes and sizes to complex designs requiring 5 Axis machining techniques.

To review a selection of some of the projects Styrotech CNC has completed, please review the gallery below:


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Styrotech have been CNC cutting our PVC foam centerboard blanks for over 6 years now. The resources Styrotech bring to the job make it a seamless process giving us the best results.


Dave Mackay - MacKay Boats

Auckland, NZ

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