High Quality Polystyrene and Foam Machining

As well as MDF (medium density fibreboard), UDF (uniform density fibreboard), plastics or plywood, Styrotech CNC has the experience, machinery and tools needed to complete any machining job using polystyrene, PVC or EVA foam.

Styrotech CNC have considerable depth of knowledge in this area, and have manufactured precision shapes, in a range of different sizes, including yacht masts and booms, boat hulls, sculptures and standup paddle-boards. Using a wide range of different foams, these shapes are then used to create unsurfaced moulds.

Styrotech CNC can work with a wide range of Materials in a range of different sizes depending on your needs. The benefits of using CNC technology to create your moulds include:
  • Accuracy.
  • A large range of CAD designs can be machined.
  • Repeatability.
  • Creates the basic shape for mould making.

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Having toyed with product design for some years I entered the Formica Formations competition to test my blue sky design process, and was delighted to have won and had Beehive fully realised.


Graham Roebeck - Structural Integrity

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