Sign Writing

Using a range of different techniques and materials, including wood and plastic, Styrotech CNC has the ability to create a selection of different letters, logos and signs.

The original Styrotech CNC logo that needs to be transferred onto a street sign.The completed Styrotech CNC sign. Made from a combination of phenolic paper (formica) and plastic, the sign is sturdy, weatherproof and provides an excellent 'professional' look.The original Styrotech CNC logo, which demonstrates individually shaped 3D letters.Another form of signwriting is to use an engraving tool to cut letters into material.
Straightforward outline cutting (sheet cutting) can be used to create large, individual letters.A simple shape created using sheet cutting.Simple engraving of letters onto a job.Simple engraving of letters onto a job.

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Having toyed with product design for some years I entered the Formica Formations competition to test my blue sky design process, and was delighted to have won and had Beehive fully realised.


Graham Roebeck - Structural Integrity

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