Styrotech CNC specialises in the manufacture of moulds to the un-surfaced stage*.

Using a variety of materials including polystyrene, PVC, EVA or urethane foams, wood, including MDF or UDF, or plastics, Styrotech CNC has the expertise to both help you to design moulds (if that's a service you require), or machine a range of moulds of varying sizes (ranging from a bar of soap to the mast for a super yacht), to the un-surfaced stage. By combining materials, for example polystyrene and MDF, it’s possible to create innovative moulds that maximise the properties of each different material, thus delivering a superior result.

A rendered CAD image of the mould that was designed, built and used for the deck and superstructure of a Warwick 75. This mould combines the benefits of using both MDF and polystyrene to create a mould that is strong and rigid.Featuring complex shapes and contours, this is a kayak built from a mould machined by Styrotech CNC.Virtually any size of mould is possible, as evidenced by this large boom mould for a super yacht.A mould for a utes tray cover in the midst of machining.
Some of the moulds that Styrotech have made include the deck and superstructure of both yachts and launches, components for Americas Cup boats, sailing dinghy hulls, including a 49er, Starling & 420, ute canopies and tray liners, truck bumpers and dashboards, rudders, centre-boards and signs. So, no matter what shape or size of object you're seeking to make a mould of, Styrotech CNC have the skills, experience and machinery to turn your vision into reality.

If you would like to discuss your requirements relating to mould design and construction, please contact us to review the options.

*Note: An un-surfaced mould is the raw shape of the mould which still requires surfacing (finishing). Each mould will need to be sealed/finished depending on the moulds intended use (using Duratech™, or similar).

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Having toyed with product design for some years I entered the Formica Formations competition to test my blue sky design process, and was delighted to have won and had Beehive fully realised.


Graham Roebeck - Structural Integrity

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