Customer Testimonials

We like to ensure our customers are happy and enjoy the products we sell and it is great to share some of the feedback and thanks we have received.

Dave Mackay - MacKay Boats, Auckland, NZ

Styrotech CNC have been CNC cutting our PVC foam centreboard blanks for over 6 years now.

The resources Styrotech CNC bring to the job make it a seamless process giving us the best results. The blanks have to be super accurate to within 0.1mm in order for our infusion process to work.   Styrotech CNC have the machinery and know how to achieve this.   Furthermore, they understand our requirements for an economical component and are able to optimize nesting and the machining process to achieve it.

Working together with their sister company FormScan 3D, they are able to give us very quick turnaround on new designs from scanning and modelling through to machining.

Graham Roebeck - Structural Integrity,

Having toyed with product design for some years I entered the Formica Formations competition to test my blue sky design process, and was delighted to have won and had Beehive fully realised.

The profiled spines of Beehive, were faultlessly and faithfully executed by Styrotech CNC and assembled and hand finished by the team at Trubridge Design.

As a result, Beehive is now something of an iconic web phenomenon.

Trubridge Design also completed the Nurbs modeling required for Styrotech’s 5 axis CNC machining which is beyond the capabities of our AutoCAD and SketchUp Pro mesh based software.

My fantastic experience with Trubridge Design and Styrotech CNC has opened the route for a rewarding and complimentary field to architecture, and I look forward to pursuing more projects with these talented professionals.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Roebeck NDAT
Structural Integrity

Peter Bull - FormScan 3D, Auckland

At FormScan3d we are frequently scanning items that require CNC machining to deliver a projects real customer value. We have worked with Styrotech CNC on projects across diverse fields including marine and automotive.

They have some of the best CNC equipment available and equally talented operators and I thoroughly recommend them.

Peter Bull
General Manager
FormScan 3d 

Tim Smith - Coastbuild,

We employed the services of Styrotech CNC Ltd for an incredibly intricate multi-million dollar residential project that required the applications of CNC machining and cutting in July 2009 and still continue to do so.

I can confidently say that utilising this CNC technology made all the difference to my experience as a builder when constructing such a complex architecturally designed home.

Not only did the specialised equipment make it economically viable for Coastbuild to construct such complex designs quickly and effectively, the quality and precision of Styrotech CNC’s workmanship was second to none and our client couldn’t be happier.

Styrotech CNC should be proud of the way they committed themselves to this project. Not only did they meet all scheduled deadlines without fail, but they exceeded our expectations with everything else we asked of them.

I would not hesitate to recommend Styrotech CNC for any project, whether intricate or simplistic and I will be continuing a strong business relationship with them in the future.

Tim Smith

Styrotech have been CNC cutting our PVC foam centerboard blanks for over 6 years now. The resources Styrotech bring to the job make it a seamless process giving us the best results.


Dave Mackay - MacKay Boats

Auckland, NZ

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