2013: Styrotech CNC’s Year in Review.

2013 has been a busy year for Styrotech CNC – we’ve seen quite a few changes changes and the foundations laid for the introduction of some new ideas that will develop Styrotech CNC’s range of products and services. We’ve certainly worked on a wide range of projects throughout the year – to name and describe them all would take forever. So, in the interests of brevity, here are a selection of some of the highlights from 2013, as well as a few hints at what lies waiting in 2014.

In June we launched our new website. It contains all the information you'll need on the services, skills and software that Styrotech CNC can offer. As well as this there’s an all new (and constantly updated) portfolio with some of the best of the work we've done; work that clearly demonstrates the range of applications of CNC technology, and the CAD design processes that works hand in hand with it.

For those with a bit of an interest in Styrotech’s colorful history, there’s a heap of information and pictures on how Styrotech started, some of the cool windsurfing boards it made  and its involvement in the international windsurfing industry. Styrotech made some kick-ass boards with an enviable reputation - the boards were in demand around the world!

Anyway, take some time to have a look at the website – there is a lot of really interesting material on here.

Still on things web & water, Styrotech's designer Kevin Trotter continues to develop SUP concepts both for Styrotech and clients. Featured prominently in the Spring 2013 issue of "Standing Room Only NZ" magazine (left), Kevin's designs are starting to receive recognition as world class SUP concepts.

Though we're not currently at the stage of selling complete SUP's, shaped blanks are available - check out our website or contact us to learn more. 

In conjunction with the website Styrotech CNC joined Facebook in March. We’re using the Facebook page as a  way of staying in touch with our customers, and at the same time showing what we’re working on “right now.”

This means we’re able to keep everyone a bit more informed, but most importantly creating awareness around some of the new innovations we’ve introduced that ensure we are not only always on the lookout for ways of enhancing the quality of service we offer, but at the same time ensuring our cost effectiveness remains second to none.

If you haven’t had a look at our page, check it out at facebook.com/styrotech and, if you’re keen on what you see, ‘like’ us so as you can stay up to date!

One of the biggest projects Styrotech CNC has been involved with is the “Stunning Super Yacht Home” at Marellan Drive, Red Beach. With construction commencing in late 2009, the home was designed entirely using Solidworks CAD, while virtually all the components used in the construction of the house were cut by Styrotech CNC. With its stylish and organic shape, this home has not only broken new ground in the field of architecture, but fully exploited the capabilities of CAD software and CNC technology in order to create a totally unique architectural experience.


Given the complexity of the shape of the house, the use of CNC technology took construction of the house from being an immense challenge to that of putting together a kit-set – albeit a very large kit-set - whereby all the different parts fitted together perfectly. Virtually complete, the house is in the midst of receiving its final touches prior to seeing it occupied in January 2014 – certainly a project that would not have been possible without the use of Styrotech CNC.

For more information on the house, its design and construction, have a look at the case study ib our portfolio by clicking here.

No wrap up of the year that’s been would be complete without mention of the Americas Cup campaign. Held in San Francisco July – September 2013, Emirates Team New Zealand competed alongside syndicates from Italy, Sweden and the holder, USA. (Photo: Chris Cameron, ETNZ).

Although unsuccessful, Emirates Team New Zealand participated in arguably some of the most exciting Americas Cup racing ever seen, and integral to both challenger and defender alike was the widespread use of CNC technology to help create the equipment needed to achieve both speed and control on an AC72.

With Oracle Team USA having successfully defended the Cup, all eyes are now looking to the holder to confirm the date, location and class of boat that’ll be used in the next Cup regatta. One thing is however certain – both challengers and defender will make extensive use of CNC technology to help them produce their entrants, and Styrotech CNC looks forward to furthering an association with the Americas Cup dating back to the 1990's.

On a slightly less serious note, but nonetheless one underlining what can be achieved by combining the attributes of 3D Scanning (by FormScan3D), CAD and Styrotech CNC’s machining was the kart made for entry in the Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix on November 10th.  


Starting with a model of a Chevy Camaro (a model - not a full size car!), FormScan 3D scanned it in order to create a workable CAD model. The CAD model was then 'modified' in order to suit the chassis it was to be mounted on, thus retaining some of the Camaro features, but fitting a Go Kart. The shell was built by the guys at Real Rides Ltd. , as was the kart, which ultimately looked very ‘Chevy.’

Another interesting project we were involved in was designing and building the Project Litefoot trophies. Starting with the clients concept, Styrotech CNC designed (in CAD, using Solidworks) each trophy. Following client approval, the components were CNC machined, and the trophy built - you can see an image of one of the finished trophies here on the left.

So - if you're ever looking for a unique award, get in touch - we can come up with a wide range of cool, customisable solutions. 

Looking to 2014, Styrotech CNC will continue to offer the same level of expertise and quality of service as we always have. As mentioned at the beginning, 2013 has seen us look at ways of developing Styrotech CNC’s business to incorporate new ideas which have (to be honest) taken longer to develop than first thought. This really is a reflection of the time available - we're pretty busy - at the end of the day customers come first, and getting work done on time, on budget and to the standard required will always be the priority.

But the good news – we’re getting close… so expect to see some new happenings in early 2014.

Christmas is just around the corner so, once the mad Christmas rush has passed, take some time out, enjoy a bit of time off and have a fantastic break with your families.

Lastly, here's a bit of a teaser as to what we're up to and one of the things you might expect from us for next year...






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