Our machines

Styrotech CNC has three in house CNC machines. Each machine has a wide range of capabilities, summarised as below:


SCM R200 5 Axis CNC Router

Versatile, extremely accurate, fast and with the ability to undertake both 2D, 3D and the most complex 5 axis machining projects, the SCM R200 is the most capable CNC machine in the Styrotech CNC inventory. Given the usable 'Z' height of 800mm (this is the maximum height of the job), the R200 is able to undertake large 5 axis as well as 3 axis machining jobs, allowing it to stand on par with the abilities of any 5 axis router in NZ.

Note - the usable 'Z' height will be 800mm less the length of the tool. The selection of which tool to use will be determined by the material to be used, the overall shape and size of the object, in particular the width, the surface contours and the level of detail.

• Table Size: 5600 x 1400 x 800mm


SCM R132 3 Axis CNC Router

With its large cutting table, Styrotech CNC’s R132 3 Axis Router has the ability to undertake a wide range of cutting projects and complete them efficiently, and to high degrees of accuracy.

• Table Size: 6000 x 1300 x 400mm


Biesse Skill 1224 G FT *** NEW ***

New in October 2014, the Biesse Skill brings with it high levels of automation, enhanced processing speed and faster cutting times. As well as being clean and tidy, to operate the Biesse Skill excels at the completion of typical sheet cutting jobs.

• Table Size: 1240 x 2460 x 180mm

Styrotech have been CNC cutting our PVC foam centerboard blanks for over 6 years now. The resources Styrotech bring to the job make it a seamless process giving us the best results.


Dave Mackay - MacKay Boats

Auckland, NZ

All prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars and inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.