Scale Model Boat & RC Yacht Hulls

Styrotech CNC has made a wide range of hulls for scale model ships and radio-control model yachts.

Using original plans and drawings, Styrotech CNC is able to create a CAD file of virtually any vessel, and then precision CNC machine it thus making an exact scale replica of the hull. From here, the applications are endless - the hull can be used as a male mould (to create a fiberglass hull for example), or as the basis for the construction of a museum standard ship model.

Scale Model Ships

Below are two examples of precision replicas made by Graeme Martin (of Shipmodels Downunder) using hulls that have been created by Styrotech CNC using original plans and drawings. Shown below are two of the model ships we've contributed to. On the top row is the SS Ballarat (later renamed SS Benledi), a conventional pre-container era cargo ship that was eventually sold for scrap in the early 1970's as container vessels were taking over. The hull was carved on a 5 axis CNC machine in two pieces, then hollowed out to save weight and then glued together. On the second row is a model of the SS Wairarapa, a Union Steam Ship Company steamer that hit Miners head on Great Barrier in 1894 with the  loss of over 140 lives. To this day it remains the largest accident (in terms of loss of life) in New Zealand Maritime history.

Radio-Control Model Yacht/Boat Hulls

Styrotech CNC can also use the capabilities of FormScan 3D to 3D scan an existing hull (a model yacht for example) in order to recreate a CAD model that can be used to CNC cut a 'new' hull shape should the original plans be unavailable.

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We employed the services of Styrotech CNC Ltd for an incredibly intricate multi-million dollar residential project that required the applications of CNC machining and cutting in July 2009 and still continue to do so.


Tim Smith - Coastbuild

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