"Ngataringa" Transom

In late 2010 Styrotech CNC was approached asking if it were possible to re-create the transom of an ‘A’ class yacht as part of a larger restoration. The challenge was that the original transom of the yacht, “Ngataringa” had been extensively damaged, and large parts of it (the transom) simply weren’t there, and the transom itself was a complex shape that had been custom made, by hand, to fit the stern of the yacht. This made it virtually impossible to use the original, damaged transom as a template to make a new one. Combined with the fact that the stern of the yacht had also been damaged meant it would be difficult to make a new part that would fit, was as correct in shape as possible, and matched up with the existing, but damaged stern of the yacht.

The solution was to remove the damaged transom and take a range of measurements of the stern. The original transom was then bought to FormScan 3D, who 3D scanned it and then, using the measurements supplied, modeled a new transom that would not only reflect the original design of the boat (critically important for this project), but as best as possible ‘match’ the shape of the damaged stern in order that it fitted.

The underside of the new part as machined by Styrotech CNC using CAD created by FormScan 3D.A closeup of a machined surface of the transom.
Once approved (by the client), the CAD file were passed to Styrotech CNC.

Using a large piece of Kauri(this was laminated together and supplied by the boat builder), Styrotech CNC machined a new transom using the CAD that had been supplied by FormScan 3D. The 'new' transom was in turn matched up with and attached to the largely rebuilt stern of Ngataringa.

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