Offshore Cruising Tenders OC 300

The OC300 started as an idea, based on experience of what was required to make a good offshore cruising tender. The idea was developed by Russell Carlyon, designed by Kevin Trotter, who created the CAD model for the mould which was then cut by Styrotech CNC.

Once the CAD model was finished (photos below), the model was used to create unsurfaced polystyrene moulds of the OC 300.

The moulds were then precision CNC machined, thus creating the shape of the hull and the deck which would, in turn, be joined thus creating the OC300. Once the moulds were cut, they laminated and finished, ready to use in the construction of the first OC300 hull.
The first hull was launched in November 2014, and met all performance objectives... and then some. The boat is excellent - the designers are both satisfied that what's been achieved has exceeded their expectations.  As a result of the great on-the-water trials and testing, the OC300 has has received significant recognition since it was launched - there is huge interest in the concept and the OC300 itself.
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Please be aware - there is very strong demand, and the guys are very, very busy.


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