Warwick 75' Sloop (Aquamagic Yachts Ltd.).

With the project commencing in mid-2010, Styrotech CNC worked closely with Phil Salthouse of Aquamagic Yachts Ltd. to provide the components that were to be used in the construction of the hull plug, deck and superstructure mould.

Creating the frames and bulkheads that together combined to build the hull plug required application of Styrotech CNC's precision sheet cutting abilities, while construction of the mould that was to form the basis for the deck and superstructure required an approach that combined the features of both wood, for the overall structure, and polystyrene which was used to create the required shapes.

Once the hull and decks were complete, Styrotech CNC provided some components, for example moulds, that were used in the interior fitting out of the hull. The yacht, named Shahtoosh, has since been launched and delivered to the customer.

The CNC cut frames, used in the construction of the Warwick 75' start to take shape (right), while below can be seen an overview of the mould that was used to form the deck and superstructure of the boat.

The centre area (in white) was made from Polystyrene, while all other areas were made of MDF (note - for clarity the deck is not shown in the image immediately below, but the deck is shown in the bottom image). Polystyrene was chosen as the material for the centre given its availability in large volumes, light weight and ease with which this material can be shaped as required. MDF was used for the majority of remaining areas given its structural properties and rigidity.




 The entire mould was manufactured as a kitset, which was then assembled on site by Aquamagic.   

The image below shows the completed yacht under sail. 


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We employed the services of Styrotech CNC Ltd for an incredibly intricate multi-million dollar residential project that required the applications of CNC machining and cutting in July 2009 and still continue to do so.


Tim Smith - Coastbuild

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