Rowing Trophy

Demonstrating the possibilities of combining the capabilities of FormScan 3D’s 3D scanning with Styrotech CNC’s precision machining, this Rowing Trophy is an exact, half scale replica of a sculling (rowing) blade, which has been mounted on a base to create a unique and innovative centerpiece for a trophy.

Starting with an actual rowing blade which was scanned in 3D by FormScan, the resulting scan data (which in its ‘raw’ form is an .stl file) was converted into a binary surface (a solid) that was then, using Alphacam, cut from Eucalyptus pilularis (commonly known as Black Butt, an Australian hardwood also used for joinery, furniture and railway sleepers). The machining of the blade is an excellent example of a possible way that the capabilities of each company can be combined.

For more information on how this technology and process might be used in your next project, please feel free to contact us to discuss the applications.

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Styrotech have been CNC cutting our PVC foam centerboard blanks for over 6 years now. The resources Styrotech bring to the job make it a seamless process giving us the best results.


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