Topographic Map

Styrotech CNC have machined several topographic models, not least of which is that made for Lumen Digital in Wellington. Lumen digital were making an interactive physical terrain model of Victoria that is covered with a perfectly matched projected image. Seeing the finished map in action, with the interraction of the projected image is very impressive - click here to see it in action.

To undertake this, Lumen Digital commissioned Styrotech CNC to cut an exact 3D replica of the topography of the region. For more detail on the model, and to see video of it in action, please visit the Lumen Digital website

Using a 1:50,000 .stl file of the Victoria, Australia, Styrotech CNC prepared material (Ebalta, or tooling board, was used for this project) and precision cut the file, thus creating the topographic model that was used as the basis for the interactive display. Styrotech CNC has also cut topographic terrain models from polystyrene, MDF and UDF. 

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